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Tongole Wilderness Retreat

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Tongole Wilderness Retreat is a luxury eco-lodge set deep within the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful miombo woodland of the 1,800 sqkm Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. Tongole has been expertly designed to incorporate the very best of local Malawian culture whilst blending in perfectly with its stunning natural setting. A mere 30 km west of the Lake of Stars and hugging the forest-clad banks of the lovely Bua River, Tongole is the only luxury lodge of its kind in the region, drawing those who seek an exceptional wilderness experience in one of Africa’s – and possibly Malawi’s last – truly unspoilt wildlife areas.

Access to the Lodge is either by an easy and scenic 4 hour road transfer, or an air transfer that takes just 27 minutes, from the capital, Lilongwe. Tongole Wilderness Retreat has been built from the red earth upon which it stands, whilst its rock, wood and thatch has also been sourced, wherever possible, from the Lodge’s immediate environs. Accommodation consists of 3 luxurious, thatched riverside suites; each with a huge sunken bath with a view and spectacular raised wooden decks, overlooking the Bua River. The suites are perfectly complemented by the luxury riverside family suite, which comprises two separate units with an expansive interconnecting deck. The family suite accommodates 4 guests in two bedrooms with a shared lounge area, or can accommodate families or small groups of up to 6 guests travelling together.

Nkhotakota supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Elephants can be seen regularly at Tongole, as well as bushbuck, waterbuck, baboons and warthogs. African Parks is due to commence the largest translocation of elephants in Africa ever in July 2016, with plans for approximately 500 more elephants being introduced to their new home in Nkhotakota, as well as 1200 more general game species (buffalo, sable, kudu, waterbuck, impala, warthog). Birdlife International has classified the Reserve as an Important Bird Area (IBA); with over 280 species of birds already recorded, it is believed that further exploration of this largely uncharted area will likely increase this figure considerably.

A wilderness safari in the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is truly unique, due to its rugged and varied landscape. Tongole is made for adventure, but with a focus on low environmental impact nature activities, allowing you to truly enjoy the tranquillity of the pristine wilderness that surrounds you. Coupled with the freedom to choose how you spend your days, Tongole offers a very unique African experience!

Tongole is perfect for discerning and ethical eco-tourists, with the following objectives lying at the heart of our vision: to provide guests with a unique and memorable holiday experience of premium quality; to sustain business profitability and success through sound, ethical and responsible practices; to transform disadvantaged communities living in areas of high biodiversity; to respect local cultures and be sensitive to their needs and requirements; to benefit biodiversity conservation.

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