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Dedza, Malawi

Lying just over 80 km south-east of Lilongwe, Dedza is a town of interest for a variety of reasons. At 1600m (5300ft) it is actually the highest town in Malawi. It sits in a beautiful landscape of forests and highlands, with the tree-covered Dedza Mountain rising up immediately behind the town.

A charming forestry town, the area has been settled since pre-historic times and artistic traditions old and new are still to be found. At the Dedza Pottery craftsmen can be viewed in the workshops and factory, producing a variety of items, from mugs and dinner services to table lamps and tiles. Many are decorated with brightly coloured designs or local scenes and all are sold at the factory shop. Dedza Pottery products are found all round Malawi, as well as being sold for export. With a charming tea shop selling delicious cakes, the pottery is a popular stop between Lilongwe and Blantyre. The nearby Chingoni Rock Art, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases artwork from much earlier times, dating from the early Stone Age onwards.

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